With nearly a decade dedicated to helping individuals become a stronger version of themselves, Career Life Coach OLightOn a.k.a. Olaitan, offers a mandate to "turn their light on".

Raised in a typical African home, he was brought up with the belief that one is only successful if they train to become a doctor, engineer, pharmacist, banker, or the like. Olaitan lived in a world where "being successful at what you love" was a myth. As a result, he studied Engineering at university, simply because he was good at Math and Physics in school.

As you might imagine, Olaitan knew innately that he was destined for something beyond the discipline he was "trained" to pursue. During the summer before his final year at university, he aligned with a Foundation known as RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind) and remained with the group for the course of a year. The experience transformed his mindset and his perspective on life as a whole, where he recognised his ultimate purpose; becoming proactive rather being reactive and passive. Olaitan then met OLightOn.

Studying with the likes of Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Eric Thomas and Brendon Burchard, he developed savvy as a Life Coach, also training with The Coaching Academy and taking a course on NeuroLinguistic Programming.

Today, Olaitan has conducted interviews with hundreds of individuals regarding their perspective on Life to help shape his coaching style. And now, he offers personal passion alongside momentous training as a catalyst to help other individuals to identify their life goals and achieve their dreams.

Olaitan is imminently active in Public Speaking and Mentoring Young Adults. In 2009, he won the "Young Citizen Award" from the Greenwich Borough, for inspiring young people. He has also spoken at many universities across the U.K., inspiring young people to "be who they are". He has also earned a Duke of Edinburgh Award, and achieved a Certificate for completion of the Public Speaking Course at Futureversity. Olaitan is also part of the Toastmasters Public Speaking Society, and actively works with the 2020 Change program to offer life-changing workshops to young adults; helping them unleash their potential.

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